I realize it's not much of a picture but it's all I've got for my 'Fire n' Ice' days. This is the first band I joined after moving to South Florida. Actually the original lineup was called 'The Bobby Whiteshoes' band. Bobby's a nice guy and we did plenty of fun gigs together. After Bobby left me & the guitar player, Jimi Piro, changed the name to 'Fire 'n Ice' and off we went. We did pretty good, had a nice repertoire of classic, pop & country tunes and were getting great reviews. When the singer left I hooked up with 'Hunter' and Nashville was in my sights!








One of the better bands I've been associated with. I first saw these guys when I was playing with Fire n' Ice. They used to be known as X-15 and had the house band gig at the old Rosebuds in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The keyboard & guitar player on the right (John Meanor & Bill Baldwin), are both from Pittsburgh, started X-15 and changed the name to 'Lushtones' after personnel changes. After I joined them in 1998 it took us almost a year to find the right drummer, Nate Stowell (left) , well worth the wait!







My first experience playing in a real 3 guitar, 2 harp, 4 lead vocalist, 'nothing but' blues band. Tommy Calandra singing, Larry Conard, Ray Penny & Steve Volpe on guitars and Jan Forman on drums. I came up on stage to jam with these guys one night at a little club in Massapequa, Long Island and never left. I picked up all the songs by ear, never heard the original recordings and never looked back. We were tight and even with 3 guitars nobody stepped on anyone's toes. It was a comfortable unit and it showed on stage. We always were booked and did many fine shows at the legendary 'My Fathers Place' in Roslyn, NY opening up for acts like Muddy Waters, James Cotton, Roy Buchanen and Kim Simmons. It truly was a fun time for all and I learned some important lessons from the roots of Rock & Roll. (clockwise from left: Steve, Ray, Jan, Tommy, Larry, me)








I pulled this picture off a video shot at 'Great Gildersleeves' in Greenwich Village, NY. I think that was the only place besides CBGB's that we performed at regularly. The singer, Ellen Warshaw could really belt it out and we did some fine recordeing together. I met Ellen through a mutual friend and mentor Keith Angelino. I grew up knowing Keith as an older more seasoned bass player in Bayside, NY. I used to watch him rehearse, went to his gigs and always looked up to him with inspiration. Keith later bought and ran Roxie Rehearsal studios in Long Island City, NY. I rehearsed there with every band thereafter. My '62 Jazz Bass, pictured, used to be Keiths which I bought from him for $300 plus my old EB3. That was a good 25 years ago. I finally realized a dream when I was asked to play with Keith in his band, 'The Front'. A few years later Keith died from complications after brain surgery. I'll always miss him dearly.